Dead On Artistries is a custom sculpture/fx company for the entertainment and haunt industries. D.O.A. was created by me, Creature Creator Patrick Gierhart. I started collecting monster masks as a kid and got my start in the haunt industry in 1992, acting in and building sets for the popular Jaycees's Haunted house at Lombard, Illinois. I've created monsters in one way or another for 25 years, whether it was doodling monsters in class as a kid, scaring patrons of the local haunted house, or sculpting for the entertainment industry in Los Angeles.

I'm a graduate of Tom Savini's Special Effects program. After graduating I moved to West Texas where I was employed at a fine art bronze foundry as the lead mold maker.

Residing now in Los Angeles, California, I am a freelance sculptor/fx artist for the entertainment industry. Currently, I'm using D.O.A. as a vehicle to showcase my professional and personal work. In the future I plan to offer unique, high-quality Halloween masks and props.

Contact me for sculpture, fx, mold making, or painting quotes and I promise they will be dead-on!